Live Music - 3 Days in the Saddle JRAD Preparty

Jun 3, 2023
2:00 pm
Come Party with us before JRAD hits Red Rocks Ampitheater.  Just 11 miles up the canyon, we are close to the most beautiful place on Earth.  3 Days in the Saddle starts 2 pm.  (Don't forget the after party June 4 @ 9 pm)

There are a lot of cover bands out there; heck the Grateful Dead is known as one of the best cover bands of all time. It is a special skill to take someone else’s music and recreate it and play it as your own, allowing your personal flair to mix with the music and feelings that resonate inside each person. Three Days in the Saddle does just that. They do not just repeat and play what they cover; they throw you on their horse and together you’ll ride off into the sunset with their perception of the songs. They are creating something new and that is truly theirs – while respecting the artist it originated with. They create their own style of looping in and out of song arrangements, while keeping a subtle cowboy, Bob Weir, country style twang throughout. They play what makes their heart ride free; you can really see that being expressed from their energy on stage and with their connection to the crowd.
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