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See our full menu, complete with our Widespread Burgers that have been Re-Built for Dreamers... and burger lovers!

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We take pride in serving our customers quality food!

When we put our burger together it is quite a process.  It starts at a local beef company, Anderson Beef (link: right here in Colorado, East of Denver.  All our ground beef is 90/10 quality and ground the same day it is delivered several times a week.

Each burger is portioned at 6 oz. to fill our 4” inch brioche bun from Aspen Baking located in Denver, Colorado.  Aspen Baking supplies us with fresh bread three times a week.  The bread is made to order and delivered the next morning to ensure absolute freshness.  We know our burgers taste better on Aspen Baking’s Brioche Bun!

Now top your burger with a variety of toppings to create millions of different combinations or select one of our Signature Widespread Burgers.
Let’s talk Vegetarian options.  I’m a meat eater, so it was fun to create something unfamiliar to me.  After reading many articles and reviews on vegetarian likes, as well as asking around we went with a black bean and quinoa based vegetarian option.  Other ingredients include honey, carrots, peppers, onions, garlic, potatoes and cumin to give it a southwestern style taste.  Beware the patty falls apart so it will be served with a fork and a knife.  For completely vegetarian/gluten free option, order the veggie burger on a gluten free bun with a side of house-made potato salad.  (FYI, we don’t put the bacon on our vegetarian options so if you want it…please ask for it!)

Enough about our fantastic quality food!  Let’s talk about our accomplishments in our effort to “Save the Environment!”
Since 2006, Cactus Jack’s has pioneered efforts in the Evergreen community to help reduce, re-use and recycle.  Cactus Jack’s is recognized by the Colorado Department of Health and Environment Office as a Silver Partner of the Environmental Leadership Program.  

Ways we reduce, re-use and recycle:

  • Vermicompost – Any excess raw food after preparing your lunch and/or dinner is put into a worm bin where the worms eat it and then, well, you know what…essentially recycled!  We compost anywhere to 2-10 lbs of food waste A DAY!
  • Recycle fryer oil
  • To go containers are compostable
  • Make our food from scratch
  • Use LED lights
  • Recycle beer bottles, beer cans, aluminum cans, steel #10 cans, beer boxes, fryer oil containers and much more that goes into operating Cactus Jack’s

This year we are applying for Gold Partner.  Check our “News” page for updates.